Toys that float in the tub are a great way to entertain baby and teach him or her while you wash the dishes or prepare a bottle.

As soon as your baby is ready to sit up on his or her own, you may begin using floating bath toys to help develop a variety of skills. These toys are more than simply fun; they are educational tools that may be used in a variety of supervised water settings, such as the bathtub, an inflatable pool, or even just a bowl of water.

Dexterity can be learned with the help of floating bath toys.

When a newborn is just a few months old, he or she will begin to learn how to control their hands. In order to pick up smaller objects, he must first master the greater movements he will need to use using his gross motor abilities. A pincer grip, which will allow him to pick up stuff like coins and other flat things, is the last of these abilities, although it will not develop until much later. The baby will likely become thrilled and kick his legs and feet even if he does not yet reach out for the toys as they float by. Over time, he will attempt to make a physical grasp for it.

The floating toys can be used in a small bowl of water to provide the same reassuring experience for baby on days when he is not getting into the tub.

When Using Floating Bath Toys, Always Follow Manufacturer Instructions

It goes without saying that your child needs to be under close supervision while he is near water, but it never hurts to stress this point again. Few inches of water can be enough to cause a baby’s death. In addition to keeping an eye on your child around water, you should also keep an eye on any floating bath toys, especially those made of foam or other soft materials that can easily peel off and pose choking risks.

If you do not want mould or mildew to grow on the toys, make sure they get enough of air time to dry off in between uses. If your baby has an accident while playing with his bath toys, be sure to give them a good scrub off with disinfectant before giving them back to him. Without proper care and cleaning, baby’s soft floating bath toys can become breeding grounds for bacteria and germs, potentially causing serious illness.
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