Do You Have What It Takes To Achieve Your Goals? Character Education

We can all attest to the fact that it has happened to us. The time has come for the realisation of a long-held hope. We are enthusiastic about this endeavour and eager to plot out its development. Our minds are already filled with thoughts of triumph and success.

Then everything goes to hell. When things start to go awry, unexpected challenges appear around every corner.

Despite our best efforts, the project is failing beneath the weight of the opposition we have been facing since the beginning.

Every time you embark on a new venture or take a leap of faith, there will be obstacles in your path. It will not take long until you give up and throw in the towel if you do not make a decision to be absolutely unwavering in your resolve.

If you want to be successful in life, you need to adopt a certain mentality. Any person who has ever accomplished something noteworthy or changed the course of human events had this mentality on their side.

Everyone who wants to accomplish anything worthwhile in their lives must adopt this mindset.

The mentality of unyieldingness. If you desire to live a life that matters and brings glory to God, this word describes one of the most significant qualities you can have.

There are a few different meanings of “steadfast and immovable:”

not readily swayed or affected
It is used to characterise a situation in which surprises are not to be expected.
To possess a sturdy, unyielding personality
This mentality proclaims, “I will not give up until my goal is achieved!”

This is the proper way to react to a difficult situation.

This “who cares?” mentality is commonplace today.

Refrain from being inconsistent and wavering in your resolve to do your divinely-appointed task.

“I wish I had the strength of character like that, but alas, it just is not in me.” While reading this, this notion may have crossed your mind.
You can learn to be steadfast; it is not an inherent quality. That is not something people automatically possess. It is a choice, really.

You just make up your mind to keep going, and that is that.

At some point, we have all been close to giving up on something we were once very enthusiastic about. The good news is that we have the potential to develop a more robust personality. Please check out [] for advice on developing your own learning method and resources to help you succeed. My FREE e-book, “The Power of Self-Directed Learning,” and FREE e-course, “Seven Steps to Consistently Change Your Life,” will teach you how to educate yourself.

From Bettina Langerfeldt, who advises students to follow their passions and develop their God-given skills through individualised, self-directed study.

Getting familiar with this approach to homeschooling requires first understanding what a classical curriculum is. The primary premise underpinning classical intellectual development holds that a child’s learning environment and pedagogical approach should evolve alongside their developing mind. The advocates of the classical approach to education argue that it is impossible for a single method of teaching to be effective with a five-hour-old and also with adolescent students. Therefore, Trivium, Analytical, and Abstract education are the three modes of instruction that young people are exposed to across the spectrum of their academic careers.

During the middle school years, students are exposed to the trivium curriculum, which has a heavy emphasis on analytical reasoning. The teacher’s main focus at this point in the school year is on having the students memorise facts and details about a select group of topics.

Following this, in middle school, students engage in an analytical curriculum that expands on the foundation laid in the foundational years, helping them acquire a firm grasp of the fundamentals and laying the groundwork for critical thinking and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

The fourth setting is abstract, which is used in the fancy kindergarten years to encourage students to think creatively about the topics they are learning about and to develop their ability to verbalise their thoughts and feelings about those topics.

Studying theology as an expert in the sciences is not as important to a classical education as studying history, art, and the culture of Western Civilization. Therefore, this method of education is highly regarded by Christians who want to teach their young children at home.

Tim and Lisa can learn anything they want to from the comfort of their own home using only traditional methods of education. Soak up the good times!

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