Brains And Beauty: An Educational Role-Playing Game

Teenage females and preteen girls often spend time online playing dress-up games. The main objective is to show off one’s sense of style by customising an avatar doll’s wardrobe. Many classic dress-up games end once the player has finished customising their doll’s outfit. However, in Dress Up 2.0 games, an upgraded version of the classic game, there are a plethora of additional factors to consider. Some examples of these more complex additions to the genre are the ability to sell one’s own designs to other players, to open one’s own clothes boutique, to join a fashion guild, and to earn currency specifically for the purchase of clothing. All of these things teach girls and teenagers important life lessons that they will use throughout their lives. Additionally, these lessons are acquired inside the framework of a game, which makes the process entertaining and unobtrusive.

The Acquisition of Game Coins
In more complex dress-up games, the player is not simply handed outfits to wear. Instead, there are virtual malls where players may go to buy virtual clothes for their dolls with virtual currency. The gamers must work for their currency. Players can get it in a number of ways, such as by completing fashion-related tasks, by defeating other dolls in fashion fights, or by selling goods they have produced. This not only ups the ante inside the game but also educates young women that they have to earn the things they desire in life.

Players also get real-world financial management skills by using virtual cash. Many of the most sophisticated dress-up games let players take out leases on real-world properties like flats and boutiques. Essentially, this shifts the financial burden on the players. Since this is the case, everyone is more careful with their money. They are responsible adults who understand that they must set aside some money each month to cover their financial obligations.

In order to assist their customers in keeping track of their money, some of the more sophisticated dress up sites offer a form of virtual banking. Players gain an understanding of the value of putting money aside and the concept of interest on savings as they play.

Fashion design
More complex dress-up games let players design their own garments in addition to supplying garments designed specifically for the game. In some games, you can alter ready-made garments to fit your character perfectly. In certain games, users can create their own clothing designs in GIMP or another editing programme and then upload them to the website to be worn by other players. Having the option to make one’s own outfits helps introduce young people to cutting-edge fashion and technology trends, such as graphic design. There are a lot of gamers who spend a lot of time mastering the game’s graphics and costume customization systems. Players can put these abilities to use immediately in their academic pursuits and later on when deciding on a career path.
The Business of Fashion Retailing
Creating and selling custom clothing items is a common feature of many dress-up games. They are usually successful in doing so by opening an online shop and selling their wares there. The game’s emphasis on entrepreneurship helps students learn about the business world. This gives them hands-on experience with economic concepts like supply and demand, advertising, and competition. Players gain experience with finding the optimal price point for their creations, one that allows them to turn a profit while still drawing in new consumers. They also learn to use their creativity to find methods to set themselves apart from the competition.

Participating in Fashion Associations
Guilds are communities of gamers that have bonded around a shared passion for the world of fashion. A common kind of guild competition is fashion-related tasks. The importance of teamwork becomes clear to Guild members right away. When faced with a challenge, the guild members know they must rely on one another to succeed. People learn to take stock of their own abilities and those of the group in order to divide up work effectively. Players also gain a sense of responsibility and dependability as they learn not to let their guild down. Being able to work well with others is a skill that will serve these players well throughout their lives, both in the classroom and the workplace.

Young women and teenage girls can learn a valuable lesson from the most sophisticated dress-up games. These games employ the topic of style as a vehicle for teaching players real-world skills.

Angie Jones, 28 years old, is the co-owner and primary developer of Diva Chix, a Dress Up 2.0 game community. Angie has more than 50 patents pending on her ideas, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and a software engineer position at a Fortune 500 firm. Angie’s been featured in a number of publications, and she is won a number of honours for her work in the computer industry.

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