A Word of Encouragement for Christian Parents and Teachers to Stay TRUE to the Bible

The definition of faithful in the Miriam-Webster Dictionary is “unwavering in allegiance.” “steadfast,” “loyal,” and “faithful” are several synonyms. Faithfulness to God’s Word is required of Christians. As such, it serves as the measure by which God expects us to conduct ourselves. Scripture “is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:16). (NIV)

Our children need to know that the Bible God gave us is sufficient for them to succeed in anything they undertake in life. That alone justifies steadfast devotion to God’s Word. Here are 5 good reasons to be faithful to the Bible that may be found in the acrostic of the word “LOYAL.”

L – Make it a benchmark

These days, the phrase “Truth is relative” can be heard frequently in popular culture. Agreed. Truth might be relative, but the moral truth that God has established is absolute. This is the unwavering truth that must serve as our compass forever. Throughout their youth, your kids will be fed a steady diet of lies disguised as facts. Instruct children that the Bible is the standard by which they should measure right and good and truth, and that by doing so they will be able to avoid being swayed by the fads of society.

Observe it

Do not just hear the word and fool yourself, James advises in James 1:22. Just like it says, you must act accordingly. (NIV) Everyone should respect the concept of obedience. Yet it now appears to have acquired the stigma of a four-letter word that should be avoided at all costs. Teaching our kids that obeying God is the best choice they can make is crucial. No matter how counterintuitive God’s instructions seem, they can rest assured that they are always acting in their best interests.
You are obligated to say it.

The Bible indicates that faith is developed via exposure to God’s word (Romans 10:17). Christians are obligated to share the truths God has revealed to them. And we are supposed to do it all with a touch of sweetness and dignity. But we must not be afraid to declare what we believe to be true in the Bible even if doing so is unpopular or contrary to the prevailing cultural norms. Build your children’s faith by instilling in them the value of sharing God’s truth.

A – Embrace it with happiness.

Even if the fig tree does not bloom and the vines do not produce any grapes, Habakkuk 3:17-18 declares, “I will rejoice in the Lord.” But the Lord is my joy,

I am going to be glad in the Lord, my deliverer. (NKJV) Beautiful in its simplicity, this verse cries out for faithfulness to God and His Word. From its first to its last page, the Bible is a book of encouragement and optimism. However, the Bible also presents a picture of life that is unparalleled. Life has its ups and downs because we live in a world that is longing for the return of Jesus. But if you train your kids to be faithful to God and His Word, they will share in your joy as He guides their lives.

In a word: YES!

Oh, how I love Your law! it says in Psalm 119:97. My daily practise of this is equivalent to meditation. (NKJV) This psalmist had a strong devotion to the Bible. And he claims to spend all day thinking about it. ” Wow! To be faithful like that is truly admirable. Even though most of us have dizzyingly packed schedules, we should all take a moment throughout the day to reflect on how much we cherish God and His Word. Help your children grow up with a deep affection for the Bible. In fact, set an example for your children by showing them that you can not imagine your life without the words it contains.

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